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Floorball Hockey is an amazingly fun and fast-paced variation of the sport of HOCKEY. It resembles Floor or Street but has evolved into an organized league sport that requires specialized, light-weight, "carbon fiber" Floorball Hockey sticks. In addition, there are specific rules implemented to promote safety, sportsmanship and cross-over skill enhancement.

Above all, Floorball Hockey is FUN. It's great for ALL ages; and does not require players to learn to ICE or ROLLER SKATE! For those players that have ice and/or roller hockey experience, it's an awesome skill enhancer that will further develop stick-handling, eye-hand coordination and game-playing decision making.

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Floorball Hockey America Presentation on Floorball with Joe Doyle Western Regional Manager ADM / USA Hockey


Key Points – Part 1

• Ice time is EXPENSIVE, average of $360/hour
• Ice time is limited – precious resource
• Effective use of ice time for team practice is one of a team/coach’s top priorities
• Most practices feature a significant amount of “down time” – as much as 1/3 of the time is not
uncommon – especially early in the season or at younger ages
• “Down time” is caused when teaching new drills and plays on the ice or blowing the practice down
with a whistle to clarify or discipline a player/the team

• Quantifying the OPPORTUNITY/”Do the Math”:
– $360/hr = $6/minute
– EVERY SECOND a coach is explaining a new drill or play (or down-time of any kind) during an
“on-ice” practice is costing 10 cents
– If we can minimize down-time, we will maximize the effectiveness of the on-ice time

Key Points – Part 2

FloorBall Hockey can be used to DRAMATICALLY REDUCE “down time” for on-ice practices and
INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS of the use of ice-time
– Teach new team drills and plays “off-ice” and establish proficiency using FloorBall Hockey as the
– Add one hour of FloorBall Hockey off-ice team practice to your weely practice plan and use it to
teach new drills and plays
– Run the new drills and plays off-ice and stop the process without the HUGE penalty of wasting
valuable and expensive ice-time
– Practice “on-ice” can now be used to refine and perfect drills and plays that are understood and
with a level of proficiency that will limit the need to stop it
• Bottom Line benefits:
– On-ice practice EFFECTIVE use of ice-time will be near 100%
– Team spends more time WORKING together at almost ZERO COST
– FloorBall Hockey is hockey-specific and aerobic dryland exercise too

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