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Floorball is a fast-paced, exciting, safe and low-cost type of indoor hockey. It resembles floor hockey or street hockey but is played with specialized light-weight carbon fibre sticks and rules that promote safety and skill.

Its Fun, enjoyable, anyone can play, and all it takes is a stick, and ball.

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The American Development Model (ADM) within USA Hockey is a program to take "play" back to Ice Hockey.
One of the parts of this program is cross ice practice and games for the youngest - something we feel are extremely good. Cross Ice does not only increase the number of puck contacts for each player it also increases the numbers of goals as it is played with small goals - it further makes game play intensive and tight on a smaller surface of the ice. All together things that make practice fun and therefore very motivational. It further keeps all players going on the ice at a high degree and not too much time is spent waiting in lines with pucks out of reach.
As cross ice is played with small goals without goalie most players have obvious chances to score a goal - a very good thing. This model also enhances the use of the ice so more players can practice on the ice at the same time.
Someone however tried to state that this was a program based upon an American hockey genius and his studies made in the USA some 34 years ago or something.

Since Floorball Hockey U did not believe that we asked - how they do it in Sweden and we happened to ask parent at a local Swedish hockey club that is being coached by a former Stanley Cup winner. It is a smaller hockey club but recently they have been very successful.
And yes they do play cross ice - but not only for the youngest and not only with small goals - they even use large goals and goalies as they play cross ice with their more senior players. So then we really must wonder how this Cross Ice thing originated.

To us, that is fully crazy about Floorball, it is obvious that Cross Ice Hockey is nothing but Floorball transcended to the ice.
Both the action and the small goals looks like Floorball. And most likely some club in Scandinavia started to play Floorball as off-ice practice and then they realized that the game of Floorball with small goals increase ball contact, it increase the chances to score and it is a fast and tight game for every player involved. So the step is not very far to play "Floorball" on ice with a puck, hockey sticks and dressed in hockey gear.
Or maybe you prefer to believe that cross ice originated from studies made some 34 years ago and was found in a drawer just recently and then suddenly swung into action?

Floorball for Hockey Players Video Clip

Floorball for Hockey Players Video Clip

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