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Floor Ball Hockey is a skill-enhancement "Hockey Specific" tool to further the development of  hockey players; teams; and coaches. Drive Proficiency into your coaching plan with the introduction of an enjoyable, inexpensive,  form of dry-land hockey. "Off Ice Proficiency at team drills pays yields in creativity,and on ice efficiency"

Implementation of Floor Ball "Hockey Specific" Dry-Land into your practice will enhance:

  • Fundamentals and strengthen skill sets
  • Develop stick-handling and eye-hand coordination 
  • Improve game strategies and game-playing decision making.
  • Create proficiency in time management for practice slots that become cost effective.
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Floorball is a fast-paced, exciting, safe and low-cost type of indoor hockey. It resembles floor hockey or street hockey but is played with specialized light-weight carbon fibre sticks and rules that promote safety and skill.

Its Fun, enjoyable, anyone can play, and all it takes is a stick, and ball.

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